Formats of Counseling

Warren Counseling Services offers mental health counseling in a variety of formats including:

Individual – One-on-one counseling in order to address personal concerns or for treatment of a psychiatric diagnosis.

Couples – Two romantically involved partners meeting with a counselor to specifically address concerns related to their relationship.

Group – Multiple individuals typically from different backgrounds meeting together with a counselor to address various individual issues or a shared problem (e.g. men’s issues, alcoholism, grief/loss, etc.). Participation in a group is subject to approval by the leading counselor.

Types of Counseling

Psychodynamic-Interpersonal – a non-directive, open-ended approach that explores unconscious influences on thought, feeling, and action as well as one’s relationships with others, including one’s current family and family of origin. In this approach, the counselor is less active and acts as a facilitator in observing patterns of thinking and feeling. In general, this approach tends to be longer term and better suited to addressing long standing problems, similar problems that appear in different contexts, or personality issues.

Existential – another non-directive, dynamic approach that focuses more on shared philosophical issues of the human condition and how they may influence one’s psychological situation. These concerns include meaning, isolation, relationships, creativity, freedom, responsibility, spirituality, and death, among others.

Cognitive-Behavioral - a directive approach that tends to focus directly on thoughts and behaviors that are contributing to one’s distress. This process may involve “homework” assignments to complete between sessions. This approach tends to be shorter term and is more applicable with individuals experiencing a problem of relatively recent onset and/or distinct origin. A majority of my couples counseling is, at least initially, cognitive-behavioral in efforts to immediately establish more adaptive patterns between partners.

Hours of Service

I regularly see clients Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM.  I am almost always accepting new clients and can usually provide an initial appointment within the week. Regular recurring appointments are available, or I can accommodate varying schedules.


The majority of clients attend counseling once per week. Occasionally, attending twice per week or more often is suggested by me or requested by a client as a means of more intensely addressing particular issues. Some clients in the later phases of treatment may elect to come once every two weeks or even less. In most cases, my recommendation is usually to attend at least once per week in order to maintain continuity.

Rates of Service

Individual Session (55 minutes) - $150
Couples Session (45 minutes) - $220 per couple
Group Session (90 minutes) - $65 per person

I do offer a negotiable sliding fee scale if financial circumstances warrant. In order to apply, documentation of one’s current household income is required. If interested, please contact me for more information. My goal is that cost would not be a barrier to appropriate treatment.


I participate as an in network provider for a number of insurance companies, including Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Aetna, and Magellan, and I accept other insurances on an out-of-network basis. In this case, my status with insurance plans may change so please inquire if I am participating in your plan when contacting me for an initial appointment. If I am participating in your plan, you are responsible for the co-pay amount at the time services are rendered and I will process the insurance claim for you. In any case, you are responsible for any claims denied by your insurance company. If I am not in network for your plan, you will be responsible for my full fee at the time of service and then the insurance company will reimburse you directly for an established percentage of the fee. As a courtesy, I can process the insurance claim for you and have the reimbursement sent to you directly. Please note that insurance companies will generally not reimburse without the client qualifying for a psychiatric diagnosis. In addition, most insurance companies will not reimburse for couples counseling unless one or both of the participants qualifies for a psychiatric diagnosis. Mental health benefits can vary greatly, so please contact your program representative for specific information.

Method of Payment

Cash or personal checks are acceptable for payment. Please note that credit or debit cards are not accepted and payment is due when services are rendered unless other arrangements are made. An additional fee of $50 will apply for any items returned unpaid. Balances past due over 60 days will be submitted to an agency for collection.

“The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity.” — Erich Fromm