American Counseling Association

American Psychological Association

North Carolina Board of Clinical Mental Health Counselors

About Psychotherapy - A comprehensive, informative site addressing many aspects of the process of dynamic-interpersonal psychotherapy. - an excellent introduction and overview of the counseling process.

USA Today Insurance Article - an important, critical discussion addressing the use of insurance in psychotherapy.

The Gottman Institute - A scientific research-based approach to couples counseling.

Harville Hendrix and Imago Therapy - A dynamic-interpersonal approach to couples counseling.

Constructive Living - A site exploring Morita and Naikan, two Japanese approaches to psychotherapy.

Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas - Information regarding psychodynamic counseling.

Society for Existential Analysis - Information regarding existential counseling.

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.” — Sigmund Freud