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Formats of Counseling

Warren Counseling Services offers mental health counseling in a variety of formats including:

Individual – One-on-one counseling in order to address personal concerns or for treatment of a psychiatric diagnosis.

Couples – Two romantically involved partners meeting with a counselor to specifically address concerns related to their relationship.

Group – Multiple individuals typically from different backgrounds meeting together with a counselor to address various individual issues or a shared problem (e.g. men’s issues, alcoholism, grief/loss, etc.). Participation in a group is subject to approval by the leading counselor.

In all formats, at least one initial intake session is required to ensure proper evaluation, diagnosis, if applicable, and treatment planning.

Types Of Counseling

Dynamic-Interpersonal – a non-directive, open-ended approach that explores unconscious influences on thought, feeling, and action as well as one’s relationships with others, including one’s current family and family of origin. In this approach, the counselor is less active and acts as a facilitator in observing patterns of thinking and feeling. In general, this approach tends to be longer term and better suited to addressing long standing problems, similar problems that appear in different contexts, or personality issues.

Existential – another non-directive, dynamic approach that focuses more on shared philosophical issues of the human condition and how they may influence one’s psychological situation. These concerns include meaning, isolation, relationships, creativity, freedom, responsibility, spirituality, and death, among others.

Cognitive-Behavioral – a directive approach that tends to focus directly on thoughts and behaviors that are contributing to one’s distress. This process may involve “homework” assignments to complete between sessions. This approach tends to be shorter term and is more applicable with individuals experiencing a problem of relatively recent onset and/or distinct origin. A majority of my couples counseling is, at least initially, cognitive-behavioral in efforts to immediately establish more adaptive patterns between partners.

Hours Of Service

I regularly see clients Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 AM until 7 PM. Additional appointments are available on other days and times, including mornings, evenings, and weekends, pending availability. I am always accepting new clients and can usually provide an appointment within the week. Regular recurring appointments are available, or I can accommodate varying schedules.

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